TOR, 2 Factor-Authentication and revamped Chat

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Hi guys,

here are some updates of what we’ve done lately.

Good news for those who have difficulties accessing KAT due to the site block in their country, now you can always access KAT via this address http://lsuzvpko6w6hzpnn.onion/ on a TOR network.

Stay secure with our 2 factor authentication, if you still not using it or don’t know what is this you can find all the info you need here Thread: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) For KAT or there FAQ: What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Chat easily and conveniently with your KAT friends in our upgraded chat.

And stay updated with our new front-page widgets for Blogroll, Latest News, Latest Threads and Watched Threads (arrange them in your settings).

As usual – more is coming!

KAT Member Remembrance Day

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KAT Member Remembrance Day

Framed Image - "Lost At Sea" by Ex-Gamer35.05K

Here at Kickass Torrents we understand the value of each and every member of our world beating community. We are, however, acutely aware that behind all our members there is a living, breathing soul, and it is sadly inevitable that as the site, and it's members age people pass on and we will lose valued members.

Therefore we have created a Kat Member Remembrance Day where ALL our lost shipmates, no matter how popular, will be forever remembered and honored annually on this special day.

image image image
'Words' by wrong user link

This thread along with the AfT3RLiF3 Eternity Award will be a place where those members who pass on can be remembered. A place for other users to reflect on their times with a particular member who has died, but had some effect on their time here. A place on KAT where people can look up an old 'friend' who has passed away. Leave a message here or, visit a lost shipmates wall for a more personal touch.

Simply, a place where it is possible for ANY user, no matter how popular or important, to always be remembered as a valued member of KAT.
Please, use this Day, and this thread to remember our lost shipmates, but also to celebrate them and the part they played in making Kickass Torrents the greatest torrent site community on earth!

Please be respectful when commenting here.
Contact an administrator to inform us of a lost shipmate who you believe should be added to the Honor Roll.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image


Members Lost At Sea

image LostSoul~6428 image

image L4zyBear21.28K image

image Smittech141.47K image

image Sir_GicaLL2533 image

image HectorAU15.88K image

image Infinity.21.41K image

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image


On April 10th each year, members will receive a Special Achievement when logging in. This 'cheevo' is a reminder to existing members - and a prompt to future unaware members - that this thread exists.

Official KAT Remembrance Day Special Achievement

It's sole purpose is to bring to your attention annually, the fact that there have been members before you who have played a role in making this website and it's community what it is today, and that they are no longer with us. It is of course, entirely up to you how you choose to 'Remember' our lost shipmates.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Image by Ex-Gamer35.05K

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Special thanks to Gryffon19.32K and Mr.Gooner514.98K for arranging all of this.

Happy Torrents Day 2016!

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Well a big hello to all kickasstorrents community and of course all our anonymous visitors using and viewing our site....

As you know the day is upon us again to share in the celebrations and celebrate our special day around the world, yes that's right it's the 30th of March and Torrents Day 2016 is here!!!

Let's have everyone around the world remember why we are here, so upload and download until your hearts content today. Put some weight on our servers....

We have lots of things happening for this special year 5 of Torrents Day and all can be seen here. Thread: Happy Torrents Day 2016 - 30th March [Year 5]

We have been donated 500Gb of seedbox space for those users that do not have a seedbox to have them individually uploaded on this special occasion courtesy of our friends at seedplease so a big thank you to the team over there. So if you wish to join in the upload challenge and gain some reputation in the process please feel free to do so here Thread: Happy Torrents Day 2016 - 30th March - Users Upload Challenge after all, this is what the days all about.

Also over the years we have had our Torrents Day- The Album created with all your favourite tracks where you "The user" can have added with your username to The Album but sadly our good friend and favourite music uploader Bubanee189.56K has stepped away from uploading.

But now we have it continuing with another famous and experienced uploader SirSeedsAlot132.84K with his tag that is well known all over the Torrent World with his high quality (Big Papi) tag. This torrent can be downloaded from here image

The Album Cover has also been created in dedication to all from around the world that have lost loved ones due to recent incidents. And I think you will all agree that the hoping of peace is always on our mind and that one day it will all end. It's been a sad year with also us losing a close friend to the site and one of our moderators Smittech141.47K passing away so the cover was created with all this in mind. Yes him and his giraffes lol.. So thanks to DethHolly68.99K for the awesome art work...


But today is a day of celebrating... So plenty of smiles and if you would like to download any of the previous Torrents Day albums please note they can also be found by clicking here

Also we have many achievements which will be released for the special day including the main one below just for logging in.


And much much more.....

So from all Team Kickass

We wish you all from around the world a very
Happy Torrents Day 2016!!

Merry Xmas

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Well its been a busy year on kickasstorrents, we have had many changes on site, with new features and updates, we have had many new users join us and lots of changes within the translation department and we can all say its probably been one of the busiest years so far. Thanks to you guys making it all happen.

And on a final note Congratulations to thLullaby53.83K on winning the xmas video contest. Sure you will all agree that it was an amazing work.

So from all Kickasstorrents Team, we wish you a very MERRY XMAS & a very happy upcoming NEW YEAR!

New site Rules

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Happy to introduce our new Rules for our law-abiding KAT citizens.

Accurate and so much shorter :)

This wouldn't have happened without Mr.Gooner514.98K and wrong user link, many thanks.

Look, mama, I'm popular!

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Hello guys,

we wanted to share our concerns with you.

We all know that KAT is widely known and popular web site, with an amazing community, needless to say:)

But here is the dark side of this popularity, while we are doing our best in order to keep our site nice and cozy there are bunch of lazy bastards who are simply decided to copycat us.

They are stealing our design and our name with the only purpose of misleading people.

Some of them are selling ridiculously expensive VPNs on our behalf, some are throwing malicious ads, some are trying to sell various subscriptions, others simply gathering user passwords and so on. All of them are trying to cheat people in various ways.

On our side we are working on the solution that will allow us to ban those impersonators and copycats. And we kindly ask you to check what site you are visiting and what links you are clicking, if you are not seeing or any of our safe proxies on your address bar then you are not visiting genuine KAT. You can even report those questionable sites to their hosting service providers.

Please remain vigilant.


Summer updates [September, 1]

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Good day our dear KAT citizens, here is a short summary for you of what we've done lately.

We have a new tracker refresh mechanism aka 'Scraper', you'll might notice that we do not show individual tracker stats in the Torrent Technical Tab, but don't get upset, new Scraper will update torrent's seeders and leechers info automatically on a constant basis, like in the real time, the most popular torrents will get the most frequent refreshes, way better and prompt than our previous manual refresh method.

We've created new uploader status Elite Uploader, you cannot ask for it, but you can be recommended to become one, so if you see an Elite Uploader marked with a purple star, it means that you are looking at an original content provider and not torrent dumper.

A small but useful site trust check. Now, on the external link confirmation screen you will see site reputation mark that shows whether you can trust this web site or not, this simple action aims to protect you from phishing attempts and keep your sensitive data secure.
Always keep in mind that internal site links never require confirmation.

Also we are now using StopForumSpam API to keep our community clean.

And a lot of bug fixes, security fixes, new achievements, amazing retina icons, several new languages (thanks to our devoted translators), youtube bbcode tag, mobile chat and...well, you name it.


KickassTorrents is moving to domain

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Hi all!

Previously we posted that KAT is moving to domain name, but it was seized. So, KAT is moving to domain. You all will be automatically redirected from to from now on.
Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

If you're using Google Chrome, you can subscribe to our news like this here:
Just click on subscribe and if we're changing domain, you'll get notified, even if you're NOT on the site. You will need to have the browser open to receive notifications.

KAT Team

Happy Torrents Day 2015!

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Hi everyone!

Today KAT staff is congratulating all of you with Torrents Day! Hurrah!

Our Staff member Bubanee189.56K has put a fantastic Torrents Day 2015 music Album which songs were chosen by you guys which is now available for download. Below..


Also, KAT's Super User DawnStar39.38K has prepared an article regarding the happy day, which we recommend you to read in KAT fan made magazine


Here are few quotes from the article:
Torrents Day is upon us once again. This most special of days, March 30th. When asked to go out into KAT world and dig up a story for this issue I was armed with only one piece of information – talk to Mr.Pink57.57K .

Asked if he is aware if the day is marked with any of the other Torrent sites Mr. Pink said:

“A lot of users between sites jump back and forward and I reckon every torrent site has given it a mention on that day. Extratorrents gives it some backing every year also. Its nice to know the day isn’t just restricted to kickasstorrents because the day is aimed at all pirates from around the world.”

Mr. Pink says it makes him very proud to see that Torrents Day continues to get bigger and better - as a result bigger sites are giving it recognition all around the world. With admin and staff from KAT continuing to have competitions and achievements each year it brings more and more traffic to the site to upload and download, “And that’s what we want. It’s these users that are important and make the site what it is, so as always, we will be expecting high numbers for traffic on this day and of course, we want the users to enjoy being here.”

In a brief interview with Mr.Gooner514.98K , he replied:

“Well there's no doubt that Torrents Day was a genius idea, bringing everyone together & creating a tradition we will always remember. Therefore it's definitely something I/we believe should be continued yearly grabbing as much attention as possible. A torrent site of course encourages users to upload torrents and a day like Torrents Day is the perfect way in every way. Users uploading on the day should at least be added to the small text in the rules as I am sure you will ALL agree.”

Don't forget we have plenty more fun, games and competitions..

KAT staff is wishing Mr.Pink57.57K a Happy Birthday and everyone to have a great Torrents Day! ;)

Technical maintenance (March, 17)

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Hi all!
Today is on technical maintenance, so KAT can be down from time to time. Don't worry, we'll be back asap!

Edit by wrong user link: We're having few issues going on. Please be patient with us. Sorry for any inconveniences!
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