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Hey boys and girls,

I wanted to bring something to your attention! A month or so ago TheAlphaGates859 started a thread called The Meme Army Thread. The idea is to post funny memes you find on the internet or create yourself! I for one am someone who makes 99% of his own memes. I love making them!!
What I'm trying to accomplish with this blog is give this thread more attention, but also recruit some meme makers that might be out there! What's more fun than having a meme war between 2 users? To be honest, I can think of some things, but it's stll alot of fun to do!
So, if you like memes or like to make memes yourself, please visit the thread and participate!


Thread: The Meme Army Thread

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Blog: Join the army

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Since the Queen of Porn is here, let's address the elephant in the room.

What's her name,i need it for .... documentary purposes biggrin
Jenna Jameson goes to the doctor for a pap smear. She's lying down with her legs in the stirrups. The doctor says "Gee you've got a big vagina. Gee you've got a big vagina."

Jenna replies "You didn't have to say it twice" and the doctor says "I didn't!" lol

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I don't understand nothing in this blog, which army for which f**cking war ?
I feel compelled to throw out a needless nerdy explanation. You can't make "your own memes." It's a meme only if it catches on and other people start irritating and tormenting people by posting it.
[/nerdy nerdplanation mode off]
I just needed to get that off my chest. Carry on.
Words have meanings... it has nothing to do with ideologies. There's this thing, called the dictionary, where you can look them up. I'm old fashioned that way. If I say a potato, I don't mean a weird midget with blue trousers or whatever people might imagine that word could mean (in their minds).
Lucy you got some "nerdplanation" to do.shocked

This is turning out to be so interesting.

Thank God! I was alarmed when I first read this. I thought it was about joining the actual army. Unless you want to sacrifice life and limb for the globalists, kill other innocents, be treated like shit by the VA, go ahead but this isn't about joining the actual army so I'll end my rant.

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Since the Queen of Porn is here, let's address the elephant in the room.

...and we have a winner!lol

These are called image macros
Here's one I use sometimes for shit boring blogs which I made on some random meme site:
Oh yeah, I think it was that one ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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