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Hello and welcome to my profile.

My name is EarReaders3077 (not really but you can call me that here tongue). I’m 26 years old guy residing in the north of the subcontinent of India. I am an introvert person in real life, which is why I try to be very friendly here on kat.

I have been browsing kat for years now downloading all the holy-unholy stuff which it so kindly offers. But I didn’t register myself here because kat never asked me to and I have always been a big seeder although, my maximum uploading speed is just 100 kbps and I cant help a whole lot of you guys but I try my best with whatever resources I have.think

I have always been a huge fan of audiobooks and I have been collecting them from how long, I don’t even remember. I polished my collection in my precious lil hard disk and felt like I am a proud owner of very precious jewels which no one knows about. chuckle

Then all of a sudden a thought just struck me that why don’t I start sharing the audiobooks I have collected and help everyone who is searching for them. So, I decided to make an account and started uploading. I was awestruck by the response I received from this community, so many likes and thank you’s on my torrents, it motivated me so much to upload and I have been uploading since.pirate

As to my hobbies, I love to play chess and read novels. I am a huge fan of Sherlock’s and Harry Potter’s be it books/audiobooks/movies/tv show.inlove

I strive to grow with everyone here.This is hands down the best website for torrents and it’s such a big community full of resources. I feel so glad to be a small smudge of this huge community of people so knowledgeable and reliable and assisting everyone day in and day out. I wish to be a part of this community till the end of times. I wish you all the very best in your life ahead. May we seed and grow forever. May we all forge connections that last life time.yeswait

I hope I’ll be to keep helping this community by uploading some rare torrents and helping them out in any way I possibly can. It’s my heart’s desire to know you all really well and prove myself to be a reliable friend. Thank you all for taking the time to know me.smilelovelinessclap

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Hello EarReaders3077 . Nice to meet you again. pirate I just posted you on your Introduction Thread and I am sorry to say it, but maybe it would be better to delete one of them.
Otherwise congratulations on your VUL status and I hope you enjoy on KAT. piratewave
Hello EarReaders! Thank you for the introduction blog. Kat is really a wonderful place to grow and learn. I am sure you will find many like-minded friends here and thank you so much for being a dedicated seeder. We need more guys like you here. I am very happy to meet you. My best wishes for you. loveliness

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