Bookshelf of a Heart

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There lives a girl, bookshelf in her heart,
And she needs someone to write her life;
Such a life with sharp and sparkling memories,
Some people to remember, some to forget,
But it's not possible to erase their names,
As she noted them down with her heart's ink.

By time, she filled the books one by one.
Pages followed another pages as if there's no end.
Sometimes her tears dropped on them as well,
She took a bit break to find a napkin,
And on some pages she gave a little sigh,
With the shattered pieces deep down in her heart.

She promised herself "no more people to faith in"
Because comers are ruthless, as she knew,
When they leave, taking everything without any give.
However, her pen kept writing, she never gave in
All those years, she's been there for a reason;
It is finding her other half to cure the pain.

Once the girl lost herself among thousand pages,
Those pages built a castle with unbreakable walls,
All around her heart, she let ivy thorns surround;
To keep her safe, the pen was the only shield,
Her feelings were the inky voice of a fragile heart,
From yearning of bliss, long before she's fallen apart.

As the time passing by, on the shelf she found a book,
For her, named: "You're right here within my soul."
She was aware her years were devoted for that!
Yet the book had a silver lock on its side,
She embraced it tight close to her sorrowful heart
With the divine Latin prayers on the tip of her tongue.

The girl was captivated by the book, day and night,
Each time, she's lost pieces when she tried hard
To open the book that she was gifted for a lifetime.
Then she inked her pen and closed her eyes,
By holding hear breath, she pushed it into the lock.
The pen, only shield to her heart now is broke.

Burst in tears, in rage she threw the pen,
Drowning in her own self, no one to understand.
Knot in her throat, she whispered "Why wouldn't you open?"
Then she stood still and made a final decision;
She lit fire to burn the book forever,
Yet, last time her silver tears showered book's cover.

Suddenly the book shone with blinding flames,
Drying the tears on girl's mourning face.
The book came to the sound and replied:
"Silver lock would only be broken with a silver heart!"
And the book held the girl's heart do tight,
Melt down the walls, she set side by side.

There the book opened it gorgeous covers
To let the girl in and see what is inside.
But the holy pages were all preserved blank,
Where she will fill her own blissful stories.
Not of others' and not with the pen this time!
But with the ink coming from the core of her heart!

For the honour of 200th blog..
And for the friend who inspired me to write it a year ago..
I miss you

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Blog: Bookshelf of a Heart

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With thi you truly honor your name.
A story of Hope and Darkness.
Thank you so much for sharing
I hope the story has happy ending. wink Your words made beautiful pictures in my mind. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing, HopenDarkness78.57K and congrats on your 200th blog!loveliness
That's truly beautiful, Hope.

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Seems to be this poem is bookshelf of mine heart's too.. Thanks for that..thumb_up
An absolutely scintillating story.
Loved it and hoping for a very happy ending.
Thank you for sharing biggrin
Thanks for the share Mr Blog
Beautifully written. Thank you HopenDarkness78.57K for sharing the poem with us :-)
Once the girl lost herself among thousand pages,
Those pages built a castle with unbreakable walls.

But with the ink coming from the core of her heart!
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