Rant Of The Day: I hear ya

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Hello guys, we have something to say all all of you...
(Caution this blog content includes extreme rant of the day)
There goes the rant of Bell girl..

Common opinion is, methinks,
I am a melodramatic little minx.
My hunger for love and acceptance
Is weaved in my writing's essence.

This poem crafted with excruciating care
Reveals my self-doubts, insecurities bare.
What if you don't like what you read?
The nod of appreciation I thought I need.

A wallflower from lone corner of earth,
Thirsty she is for every drop of mirth.
So she writes here, where strangers meet.
To the discreet web of people bittersweet.

My voice disrobes before your eyes,
A flower giving scent before she dies.
I speak of my truths devoid of lies,
About my goodness, about my vice.
My poetry is my flesh and blood,
Thoughts ooze, emotions flood.
My vulnerablity on a silver platter;
You can kill, your comments matter.

And few times few people did hurt
I embrace tears for they are part
Of the adventures, of life's growth.
Forgiveness thus becomes my oath.
Yes, it is really easy to make me cry,
But my determination does not die.

The world is big, some wolves are there,
Peace be with them, the Judgement fair.
I'm grateful because bad times tell,
Who is true friend, who is empty shell.

I open myself to the abundance of the arts
Where all sorrows die, the healing starts.
Following my bliss, I will continue to write,
Creating out of love, for my own delight.
The night is new, the journey has just begun.
The cheeky minx is back in town for pure fun.

And I, HopenDarkness78.59K am gonna fade your light out

I wonder if I ever feel the repentance
For accepting the summer job on teaching kids
Because everyday is like burning in the hell
I keep standing, chasing them here and there
And I bear their screams echo everywhere
I fear they will break the window and door
Who knows, they might also blow the school
Some want to go to the WC during the class
And some really want to drink water outside
Some fall on the floor while they are running
And boys dont like sitting with girls, vice versa
Under the desk, they poke and kick each other
Then they begin to weep like flowing waterfall
I ask myself again, If I am regret after all
But I spent all of my money during holiday
With my crush and now I am broke top to bottom
So, I have nothing to do but pray for my feet
Which are hurting me at the end of the day
And I am thinking desperately over here
How I'll bear these little demons until paycheck.

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Blog: Rant Of The Day: I hear ya

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Two rants in one day...
And Hope, show the little demons you are da boss. titter
Yay, I am first!

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