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Pokemon GO! and Indonesia

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Its a trilogy then! lol
Congratz to CaeSarcasm37.66K for predicting this obvious trilogy.. cool

So, Pokemon GO! has completely made the news here in Indonesia.
All I can say is this.. "Wow"
Indonesia is usually very late to trends, like very very late..
Old references are still being used here, like "Nicki Minaj" (Is she even still relevant?!?)
But the fact that Pokemon GO! has made the news for causing a Pokemon craze here in Indonesia, that's why I just said "Wow"

We are actually in a craze when it is still trending..
Good job Poke GO!
Thankfully, Indonesians are a lot more smarter when they are using their phones and they won't get killed by a car..
Since most of the people who have smartphones are Teens like me lol
And even if kids have Smartphones, they will most likely play inside wink
And since most of us are Civilized Muslims, drivers and home owners won't be drunk and have Guns to cause any death..
(Oh sorry? Was that a racist comment? I guess it was, but I think its only fair when we get 10x more racist comments than these ones...)

Pokemon GO! is being talked all over the news.
Mostly about the Bad things that has come upon it (Yeah, no sh!t sherlock. We always talk about the negatives first.)
There are live discussions about The Pros and Cons.
So in a way, Indonesia has finally joined The Pokemon Craze.

But, unlike you all lots.
We usually have a second objective on our minds..
Take my IT teacher for example.
He just downloaded a Nox Pokemon GO! Emulator and have been using GPS to cheat Pokemon GO! by not going anywhere and just manipulate the GPS to go somewhere, in other words.
An Exploit (and in other words, Cheat engine lol)
You know, he said he has been enjoying the game and have inserted OUR SCHOOL to be a Pokestop.

But not for the reason you are all thinking..
We requested that our school become a Pokestop because it will be free advertisement for our school! tongue
Like I said, we always have a second objective when it comes to things like these.
My friend, F.
He plays other student's Poke GO!'s and catch pokemon for them for a surprisingly large amount of cash.
Another friend is using Pokemon GO! to also collect money by running for them to hatch their eggs.
In other words, we are benefitting from this like there's no tomorrow! lol

So yeah, we like to make profit from other people's work.
Its how we do things here.
And we are okay with it.
Unemployment is high here and we like to make a living off of anything we can.

But me? I might find an exploit and tell my friends how to do it (for a price :P)
I like finding exploits in games, it makes me cheat the system so I won't need to pay for those GODDAMN MICROTRANSACTIONS! huffy
(That app is still crap though, freezing and server crashes...
Hell! It even freezes on my NOX EMULATOR...
On an 8 GB RAM Computer... facepalm)
I am still playing Ingress in my own time since its more intriguing for me.
I like when things are complicated and I have to figure things out on my own.
I just captured a Crystal that is near my house, which I am very proud of.
It makes me feel like I have achieved something..
But with Pokemon GO?
I only do it for the money...
Since my School is going to be a Pokestop, ignore my comment about me going to regularly play the app in my last blog.

That game is basically Ingress for kids.
For those "Casual" gamers.
For those gamers who only play games for having fun, not for completing things like I do.
Aaaaaand... Not for investing several hours of your life into One. Single. App.

Anyway, that's my trilogy of Pokemon GO!'s.
I talked about The Bad, The Good, and My personal experiences with it.
I don't regularly play it often, but I only do when I find a glitch in the system (I am using Nox too, since I don't want my phone to be compromised, I am also using a seperate Gmail Account :P)
I only play Ingress and Zombies, Run!
THE REAL AR and Fitness Apps.

Anyway, thanks for reading.
Goodbye! biggrin

(Aaaaand... Pokemon GO! rants in the comments in 3... 2... 1...)

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Blog: Pokemon GO! and Indonesia

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Yeeah.. This is going to be another armed bomb that I am holding.
Even though I am praising the game..
And even though I am talking about its benefits to us here in Indonesia..
I am still holding an armed... Timed... Bomb...
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