Torrent Request Clean & Report Thread

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10 February 2011
All Torrent Requests are HERE

KAT addicts,

As Thread: ***Torrent Request Month - August 2015*** did so well I thought we would continue it in a Thread for all year around to use as & when you wish.

I have also closed off Thread: Torrent Request Clean Up and we'll continue that in here as well, guidelines are edited & updated below.

Fulfilled/Completed Requests:

* Post Links in this Thread, no more than 15 links per post please.

The following IMG is an example of a request that needs confirming by a moderator.


If you cannot see Submit Torrent then it has already been confirmed so there is no need to report that request unless it's serious.

Reasons to Report a Request & Examples:


* If a user hasn't logged in for 6 months or more report as "Inactive User Request". Some users have their profile details hidden, if this is the case report the request as "Hidden Profile". If they are active a mod will edit the title of the request to the date of their last visit or the date of the report such as (active user request 09/09/15) The same format should be used >> DD/MM/YYYY, their request shouldn't get reported again for at least 6 months.

* Requests in the wrong category is very common, just report those as "Wrong Category" and suggest the correct category to help speed up the edit.

* Titles: Many users forget that a good title is a must in order for the request to receive attention. If a user requests several torrents in one request then obviously they will not fit within the request title. So something like "5 Books Required Please" is fine. Common sense applies when reporting requests for title's.

* XXX Images are NOT allowed in requests, those should be reported as "Contains XXX Image(s)" a mod will then edit the request.

* Some users actually don't always know exactly what it is their requesting and will provide unsafe external links. Those should be reported with a brief reason explaining why it is unsafe.

* "Duplicate Requests" should be reported as exactly that and to back up your report link the original request, this save us finding it for ourselves when you have already come across it.

* "Re-Seed Requests" should also be reported as exactly that, nothing more is required.

* "Invalid requests" are also self explanatory so please report as just that too. In other words it's not a request & probably something completely ridiculous.

* Cussing, any other foul language & personal information should all be reported too.


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22 August 2012
In case anyone's wondering about missing their reward for fulfilling confirmed requests:
Around the end of August, beginning of Sept 2015, uploaders who submitted torrents weren't getting their +5 when the request was confirmed. That's fixed now. But the people missing the points still haven't been credited. The wizards are aware of this. Just be patient (I suppose).

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