Torrents that need updating / KAT changing/ Mod Work Thread Only..V6

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09 April 2012
Thread Overview:
- Due to various reasons, many torrents have the wrong info displayed or are in the wrong category, this thread is where you post torrents that need updating/moving.
- Please follow these guidelines and you'll make the Moderator job much easier.
- FAQ regarding this thread: FAQ: How can I get issues on someone else's torrents fixed or changed?

How to:
- Please, do not post the [torrent=123456] BB Code, rather post the link or large sharing widget is fine (for larger posts stick with just the links please).
- Provide the appropriate change (remove metadata, change to Highres Movies, etc). Please read the FAQ linked above for help.
- See rules below for more information.

- Maximum of 15 torrents per post.
- For the sake of keeping this thread open, you can only post a maximum of 10 posts until your 10 have been sorted by a moderator.
- Please do not post any torrents from before 2009. And do not post any torrents from before 2012 that looks dead. These torrents just waste our time, to be honest.
- We close the thread when it reaches 7 pages of posts that require sorting/changing, so if it reaches 7 pages, please contact a moderator to close the thread until it has been done.

Additional Information:
- Previous thread: Thread: Torrents that need updating / KAT changing/ Mod Work Thread Only..V5
- A common mistake: When deciding between Movies > Highres, all movies that are 720p/1080p BRRip, BDRip or Blu-ray go into Highres Movies and any others(720p/1080p/HDRip/WEB-DL/DVDRip etc) go into movies.
- A notice for Super Users and Translators: No moving torrents that are posted here please, anyone found changing these will be demoted without notice. But feel free to post torrents with issues you need moderator assistance with.

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04 December 2013
Add metadata
22fa6038-d14c-4aab-a057-d397132e9191 ->
56c4b861-0922-4c3a-a9b9-3bfcb00f8274 ->
f4fdbb4c-e4b7-47a0-b83b-d91bbfcfa387 ->
812d3015-2f4c-4fa7-bd7d-30ec4beb2c82 ->
6351d291-ecf2-4b50-8f3e-4fec5b5f502c ->
4ce1c576-305a-4b82-82fa-5e5359056219 ->
29daf73c-945f-4896-b6de-0f88c23e3051 ->
191de76f-a224-445d-b041-54df16d65bf7 ->
2eeafc8d-9462-49d5-9a26-2a19377842e6 ->
67404ef7-0377-4377-b21b-48a06ecfb63e ->
c5eb9407-caeb-4303-b383-6929aa94021c ->
cc2c9c3c-b7bc-4b8b-84d8-4fbd8779e493 ->
ee3ce264-3a51-4681-a174-638d9ff95094 ->
a41ac10f-0a56-4672-9161-b83f9b223559 ->
5d545351-7391-4ee0-8fe2-494bbfd8c7ec ->

Done thanks

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